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A border town in Northern Ireland still gripped by fear, in this weekend's Telegraph Magazine
nick st.oegger
Apr 13, 2023
Location: Northern Ireland
Some new work out in this weekend’s Telegraph Magazine. Journalist Martin Fletcher and I recently visited Crossmaglen, a border town in Northern Ireland, where ordinary people are trying to move on from a violent past, 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, and where the IRA still casts a shadow of fear. Many recounted to us that the current peace has come at the cost of justice for the victims of crimes committed on both sides, and that they still live with the painful knowledge of who in their communities is responsible.

‘People are still ruled by fear of the IRA’: 25 years of life after the Good Friday Agreement
Crossmaglen, a notorious border town in Northern Ireland, is trying to lay the past to rest – even when that comes at the expense of justice

Nick St.Oegger - Documentary and Travel Photographer

Nick St.Oegger is an award winning documentary photographer and National Geographic Explorer based between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Tirana, Albania.
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